We Keep You Informed

Any problems we find on your parking on, we report to you

The A-Vac Sweeping Team keeps you informed!

All property managers enjoy the security they gain by knowing our A-Vac sweeping professionals are their ‘eyes and ears’ on the property at night.

Our drivers fill out logs on a nightly basis. These routinely include items needing attention, loitering and a wide variety of other property-related issues.

A-Vac Sweeping monitors and analyzes nightly sweeping performance with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems mounted on-board each of its parking lot sweepers.

Both A-Vac Sweeping and its many customers receive many benefits from our operation of GPS-equipped sweepers. Routine analysis and available information include:

  • Nightly arrival and departure times for each property being swept. a. This feature allows us to be sure adequate time is allotted for thorough sweeping of your property. We also analyze this data on a routine basis to ensure your pricing is correct for your property. Over time, we have adjusted rates both up and down as a result of our GPS tracking.
  • Sweeper speeds while on the property. a. We are able to ensure proper speeds are followed for optimum pickup performance. b. Monitoring provides ongoing compliance with our company safety program. 3. Sweeper path over the property. a. To ensure front, sides and rear of property are adequately swept. b. An ‘electronic
  • Sweeper path over the property. a. To ensure front, sides and rear of property are adequately swept. b. An ‘electronic breadcrumb trail’ details the sweeper’s path across each property.
  • Sweeper stops/durations at all locations at each shopping center.
    • a. This ensures work proceeds diligently and responsibly so that all scheduled areas are serviced.
    • b. Provides oversight to ensure that special services are provided, e.g., all trash cans are relined.

A-Vac Sweeping consistently maintains dependable, exceptional service by combining our onboard sweeper GPS system with on-site inspections. Our professionally designed system allows us to meet — and exceed — the standards that are desired by our customers and required by our management team.