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With A-Vac Sweeping, you can have total peace of mind anytime we are on your property in your absence. A-Vac has an avowed philosophy of providing service excellence. In addition, we are signators to the World Sweeping Association‘s ‘Ethics in Power Sweeping Initiative,’ as well as long-time members of the North American Power Sweeping Association. For more information, take a look at our PDF handouts by clicking on the buttons below.

A-Vac Sweeping… …offers ethics and professionalism in all aspects of power sweeping and exterior maintenance services.

A-Vac Sweeping: Your Ethical Choice in Sweeping Since sweeping doesn’t require any type of specific licensing, hiring companies often do not realize how to confirm the professionalism of their contractor of choice. According to WorldSweeper.com, the leading information source for the sweeping industry, a reputable sweeping contractor will be able to provide their clients with the information shown below. A-Vac Sweeping proudly conforms to all of the following: Certificates of Insurance Covering Sweepers and General Liability

• In the case of an accident for which a sweeping contractor is liable, if the contractor doesn’t carry insurance coverage then the owner of the property on which it occurred is much more likely to be held liable. Proof of Compliance With the Workmen’s Compensation Laws of the State

• Some companies cut corners by not paying the workers’ compensation on their employees. Without it, there is a much greater chance that a sweeper operator who gets injured will sue the owner of the property being swept, or the hiring firm, for damages. Local Business Licenses and Federal Tax Identification Number

• Another way to identify legitimate businesses is to confirm that the company complies with all the statutes to which ethical business people must conform. Most cities require that a local business license be issued to companies doing business within the city limits, and this usually includes sweepers. Also, if a company doesn’t have a federal tax ID number, it is much more likely that required taxes are not being paid. These include payroll taxes and the remittance of any sales taxes which are due in some states. It is not in a property manager’s best interest to hire a company which could be shut down at any time for non-payment of taxes. Trade References

• Most companies want to do business with an established company, one which has a good chance of being there some years from now. Another way to get a handle on reputability is to talk to others who supply the sweeping contractor with parts and supplies. Waste Disposal Information

• It has been found that both the contractor and the property owner can be held liable for incorrectly dumped waste. If an account manager does not provide an on-site place to dump collected litter, he or she should confirm that the litter from the site is being disposed of at an appropriate dump facility. Dumping fees are becoming an ever larger component of doing business in many areas, and, although the incidence of ‘midnight dumping’ is being successfully reduced, some companies still dump on their personal property or elsewhere in order to cut costs.

I can count on A-VAC to be there when they say and the results are always above and beyond my expectations.

Kim Rose

Business Owner

Having A-VAC report any problems they find on my properties is a huge advantage. I’m out of town all the time and have very little time to do a drive by each property. Thank’s guys for the AWESOME WORK!

Leslie Fields

Property Manager, PLO Realty Management

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